Publicly Funded PrEP

Rollout of publicly funded PrEP began on January 08, 2018, but please be advised that there may be delays as the new program is implemented- especially in booking an appointment with a healthcare provider who can prescribe PrEP (and is willing to do so). If you have an eligible prescription refill, either through private insurance or generic importation, we are advising you to fill it ASAP to help cover your PrEP needs throughout these delays.

  • If you are seeing a doctor, or would like to see a doctor at the HIM Health Centre on Davie, you will need an appointment.  Please note that appointments are booked several weeks in advance, so please allow for this.  Please stick with the appointments you already have booked, and do not double book an appointment or request a different booking.  As we have several hundred clients in this position you will be transitioned over to publicly funded PrEP at your next scheduled appointment.   Make sure you have enough medication to cover you until that time. Your doctor likely have gave you a prescription for enough medication to cover until your next appointment.
  • For information about accessing publicly funded PrEP coverage for individuals who have prescriptions from physicians NOT listed above, or for guys living outside of Metro Vancouver, please see the "HOW TO ACCESS..." section below this one.
  • For guys living in the Metro Vancouver area,  once you are on publicly funded PrEP, prescriptions will be filled and medications picked up by you at St. Paul’s Hospital.
  • We do not want you to run out of medication, so if you are currently nearing the end of your current medication supply, have a current prescription with eligible refills, and access it via generic importation, we are advising that you should re-order an additional prescription while we await more details about accessing publicly funded PrEP.
  • If you aren’t yet on PrEP, remember that condoms are another very effective method to prevent HIV transmission. HIM has many different kinds of condoms available FOR FREE at all of our five health centres throughout the Lower Mainland, as well as many bars and clubs in the Davie Village.
  • If you are concerned that you may have had a high risk exposure to HIV (like sex without PrEP or a condom with an individual who is NOT undetectable, and who is either HIV positive or of unknown status), PEP may be an option. PEP MUST BE STARTED WITHIN 72 HOURS OF EXPOSURE TO HIV TO WORK, and ideally should be started ASAP. Information about PEP can be found here:


How to access no-cost PrEP in BC via the Centre for Excellence's Drug Treatment Program (DTP):

1. Visit your doctor/ nurse practitioner to be assessed for starting or continuing PrEP. Complete the required screening tests.

2. Your MD/NP will download an enrollment/ prescription form and complete it with your information.

3. Your MD/NP returns the  form to the BCCfE DTP.

4. DTP reviews the request and fills the prescription. The medication can be picked up at St. Paul's Ambulatory Pharmacy in Vancouver, or shipped to a patient's community pharmacy elsewhere*

*Note: the approval and dispensing process is not same-day like most pharmacy experiences. Anticipate a week or more between when the requisition is submitted and when the medication is available to the patient


Public PrEP
Publicly Funded PrEP
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