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Wow- what a journey! For the past nine months, Health Initiative for Men has been working with friends and colleagues from across Canada and around the world to develop the very best PrEP resource around- we hope we've succeeded.

Our goal in developing GetPrEPed was to talk to guys about PrEP a little bit differently. We want to shift the conversation away from 'right' or 'wrong' reasons to take PrEP, and focus instead on providing as much clear, concise, and value-free information as possible on this game-changer in HIV prevention.

We also want to recognise that PrEP remains out of reach for a lot of guys in our province, and we want to change that, and we'll need your help. So, in addition to serving as a resource for PrEP information, this site is a resource for PrEP ACTION. We want letters, we want petitions, and we want our voices heard: the time for debate is over, PrEP works. We want you to join us in calling upon our provincial leaders in HIV prevention to create a clear pathway for affordable, accessible PrEP for those at risk of HIV transmission and infection in BC.

Over the coming days, weeks, and months, you'll come to recognise this site as your 'one stop shop' for all things PrEP, so stay tuned, sign up for alerts, and check back regularly! We'll be posting links to news, studies, research study recruitment, and calls to action- anything and everything we think might be useful to YOU.

Last but certainly most not least, we want to offer our most heartfelt thanks to our models. When we came up with this idea, we knew we wanted to focus on real guys, real stories, and their own real reasons for taking or supporting PrEP. Stephen, Curtis, Del, Kevin, Oth, Jazzy, Conner, Everett, Fahmy, Dakota, Greg, Hans, and Nick, thank you for your courage, your advocacy, and for your willingness to help us in our efforts to raise awareness about PrEP and the need to make it more accessible and affordable for guys in BC. We couldn't have done it without you- much love, fellows.

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